Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
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The essential service we offer is cremation: reducing the deceased person’s body to ashes. It is one of the oldest forms of burial. For years, cremation has been widely used in the Netherlands and other Western European countries. In Poland, cremation of the bodies of the deceased has only recently entered the public awareness.

Advanced technology

Modern cremation technology offered by our company is ecologically harmless and completely safe. We use technologically advanced Merkur crematory kilns made by Kalfrisa. The kiln is adjusted to the needs of our company, which is located in a less populated area. It allows to perform 5-6 cremations a day. One cremation takes on average 80-90 minutes. Merkur kilns are among the most durable products available on the market.

Funeral accessories

Acheron Crematorium offers a wide choice of ecological crematory coffins and a variety of different types of urns for the ashes. We also offer all types of decorative accessories, such as flowers. We can also advise you on the choice of funeral accessories or obituaries.

The Final Farewell

You may use our elegant, chamber farewell hall with a possibility of on-line streaming of the funeral service. This allows those near relatives unable to take part in the ceremony in person to say the final farewell, too.


Responding to the special needs of our clients we offer the services of exhumation of the remains of the deceased from their graves (generally, for the purpose of later cremation). Under the Polish law, exhumation may be performed on a justified motion of a person authorized to bury the deceased, thus:

  • a spouse,
  • descendant relatives (children or grandchildren)
  • ascendant relatives (parents of the diseased)
  • collateral descendants to the fourth degree of kinship (siblings and cousins of the diseased)
  • relatives by marriage of the first degree of kinship (son-in-law, daughter-in-law, mother-in-law or father-in-law of the deceased)

You should also obtain a permission for exhumation from the District Sanitary Inspectorate.

Exhumations are performed from 16 October through 15 April. They should take place in early morning hours. The timing may differ only in duly substantiated cases (such decision can be undertaken by the District Sanitary Inspectorate.)


Our crematorium offers professional service performed by our competent staff. While keeping up with the times, we strive to meet high expectations of our customers and growing requirements of this sector. When using our services you can be sure that the funeral of your loved ones will be a ceremony full of dignity, beauty, and gratefulness.